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Zhujiang times and Nanhai CPPCC interviewed our company to offer suggestions on how foreign trade can break through under the epidemic situation
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The spread of novel coronavirus pneumonia worldwide

In the spring of 2020,

It's the winter of foreign trade.

Under the epidemic situation, how can the foreign trade enterprises in the South China Sea break through?

How to give full play to the advantages of scale,

Protect and constantly consolidate the fragile trade supply chain?

As a representative of the South China Sea foreign trade, Huachang also offers suggestions for the enterprises in South China Sea

Recently, the Pearl River times, together with the South China Sea Political Consultative Conference, produced a large-scale financial media discussion topic "dialogue with you". The program team went to Guangdong Huachang Aluminum Plant Co., Ltd. for on-the-spot interviews. Wu Weishe, deputy general manager, shared his experience on how Huachang sailed against the trend when foreign trade was cold under the epidemic situation.

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How Huachang set sail against the current situation

It is mentioned in the report that: as a large-scale comprehensive enterprise, the export volume of Huachang aluminum industry accounts for about 30% of the total sales volume in 2019, and the annual self operated export volume of the industry ranks first in China, and the foreign trade export is an important part of Huachang. Since February this year, 50% of the company's orders are foreign trade orders due to the impact of the epidemic. However, after March, the situation has reversed. Customers in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and other places have a greater impact. About a quarter of customers have proposed cancelling orders, delaying delivery and delaying payment. In order to cope with the severe challenges brought by the spread of overseas epidemic to foreign trade orders, Huachang put forward various measures to stabilize foreign trade orders.

1. Take the initiative to help return to work

So far, Huachang has taken the initiative to purchase tens of thousands of masks and other epidemic prevention and protection materials, and presented them to overseas dealers and cooperative customers affected by the epidemic to help them fight the epidemic and help them return to work and production as soon as possible.

2. Tap the potential and expand the source of tourists

For some areas which are relatively less affected by the epidemic and with low risk, we should tap the potential of customers and strive for more orders for these customers. Develop new customers in the region, expand the source of customers and increase the sales volume of foreign trade.

3. Close to the policy and relieve the pressure

Making good use of the relevant policies issued by the government, such as exempting port construction fees, increasing product tax rebate rate, and increasing export credit insurance subsidy amount, will have more confidence in reducing enterprise pressure and stabilizing foreign trade.

The above contents are transferred from the Pearl River times


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