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Go against the trend and accumulate energy for long-term development
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Affected by the epidemic situation, the market economy will be impacted at the beginning of 2020. It is precisely at this time that the market is suffering from the epidemic. Huachang is still in accordance with the development plan set earlier - according to the production capacity improvement goal, Huachang has completed the upgrading and transformation of the extrusion production line in nanhuachang and added two extrusion production lines in North Huachang.

After returning to work during the Spring Festival, both the north and South factories are busy with procurement, installation and commissioning. After upgrading, the No.17 extruder of nanhuachang was put into operation on April 7; the No.25 extruder of beihuachang was put into operation on April 22, and the No.27 extruder was expected to be put into operation in late May, which greatly relieved the pressure of order production.

01 increase equipment capacity

Huachang has been increasing production equipment in recent years, which not only increases the production capacity, but also improves the competitiveness of enterprises. Pan Weishen, chairman of the board of directors, said that the layout of the product production line had been planned in the early stage. This year, we should not only increase the extrusion production line, but also plan to add more spraying production line and deep processing production line, respectively, to make layout in front-end extrusion, middle end surface treatment and back-end deep-processing, so as to meet the needs of the market and customers and complete the company's development strategic objectives.

Unit 17 and 25 in operation

02 make efforts for the long term

At the same time, the chairman of the board analyzed that the current enterprise is in the market competition situation of "advance or retreat". High cost and small profit are the problems that many enterprises worry about. Huachang increases hardware equipment for long-term development and growth. At present, the aluminum market demand is relatively benign. The improvement of its own hard power is indispensable for brand enterprises, and also for the whole industry A certain role in promoting.

Pan Dong and his wife inspected the new machine

03 cooperation and intensive cultivation

Huachang has a clear understanding of the characteristics and advantages of its own products, and has a good market prospect. Huachang is promising at present and can be expected in the future. In the general and difficult environment of the market, Huachang shows firm confidence in maintaining its determination, standing on the long-term and striving for development opportunities. It is believed that the cooperation and intensive work of all departments will further improve the sales channels and strengthen the development of new channels.

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