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Zhang Jilin, vice president and Secretary General of China nonferrous metal processing industry association, and his party visited Guangdong Huachang Aluminum Plant Co., Ltd
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Recently, Zhang Jilin, vice president and Secretary General of China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "processing association"), Su Tianjie, Secretary General of Nanhai Aluminum Profile Industry Association of Foshan City, and Li Qianfeng, business director of aluminum Department of Processing Association, and his party visited Guangdong Huachang aluminum factory Co., Ltd. Pan Weishen, chairman of Huachang aluminum, Wu Weishe, deputy general manager, pan Shuhua, general manager of sales and Lin Chuncheng, general manager of manufacturing center, warmly received Secretary General Zhang and his party.

Pan had a cordial talk with Secretary General Zhang and his party

At the beginning of the forum, Chairman Pan Weishen extended a warm welcome to Secretary General Zhang and his party, and introduced in detail the development achievements and future plans of Huachang in recent years.

Pan Dong said: the company began to return to work on February 16. Under the influence of the epidemic situation, the rate of return to production was only 30%. After nearly a month's efforts, the company gradually restored 100% of its production capacity. In the first quarter of 2020, the overall output decreased by 20% to 30% compared with previous years. In 2019, our company directly exported 40000 tons of aluminum products, which ranked first in China in terms of direct sales export volume, accounting for about 18% of the company's output. Affected by the overseas epidemic situation, the export is facing certain difficulties, especially the European market. Our branches in Germany are basically in a state of suspension. So far, our export volume has decreased by 30%. With the effective control of the epidemic situation in China and the recent outbreak of orders which have been overstocked for several months, we are also accelerating the increase of production lines to meet the continuous growth of order demand.

After listening to Mr. Pan's introduction to the enterprise, Secretary General Zhang first highly praised Huachang's achievements in 2019, and pointed out that the impact of the epidemic not only affects China, but also abroad. Enterprises should actively take measures to maintain the development trend.

Pan then said: in the face of complex competitive situation, if enterprises lack advantages in scale, technology, quality, cost performance and other aspects, it is difficult to be competitive. In the next few years, Huachang will continue to expand the scale, build a new production base, and set the target of 400000-500000 tons. At the same time, it is hoped that the government can take off the high energy consumption cap of aluminum processing industry and give enterprises the urgent desire of preferential electricity price.

Secretary General Zhang said that Huachang aluminum is an enterprise with steady development strength, strong sense of social responsibility, superior strategic vision and grand vision. And highly evaluated the work layout of Huachang Aluminum Co., Ltd. In response to Pan's relevant demands, Secretary General Zhang said that the processing association would actively report to the relevant government departments.

During the conversation, Secretary General Zhang learned about the development achievements and future plans of Huachang aluminum industry in recent years. He and his party were deeply impressed by Huachang's strong comprehensive strength and rapid development speed. Both sides concluded the talks in harmony.

Go up against the current

This year's epidemic has a huge impact on the door and window curtain wall industry and the downstream aluminum profile processing industry. In view of this situation, Huachang has made accurate layout and made efforts at multiple points to seek breakthroughs. We should make great efforts to invest in basic research and innovation, pay attention to downstream demand and development, do a good job in product differentiation, adjust production capacity, and closely fit the market. At present, the aluminum profile industry is in an important period of strategic opportunities. Huachang aluminum will join hands with you to meet new development opportunities and achieve win-win results.

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