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A new scientific research achievement, hydrogen production technology from waste aluminum was born
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With the rapid development of industrialization in modern society, the application scope of aluminum profiles is expanding. The aluminum products used in the market are mainly composed of primary aluminum and recycled aluminum. The proportion of recycled aluminum in the industrial raw materials of aluminum is increasing, and some countries even far exceed the output of primary aluminum. The secondary utilization of aluminum has become a very challenging resource. Not long ago, a well-known university in Moscow, Russia, developed a hydrogen production technology from waste aluminum, which shocked the world.

The application of aluminum has penetrated into all aspects of people's daily life. Although it can be 100% recycled, the types, models and colors of aluminum profile products used in each industry are different. When recycling, it needs to be carefully distinguished, and the technical requirements for waste aluminum recycling are increasingly high. Many countries have formulated relevant waste aluminum recovery standards.

Aluminum profiles have a wide range of applications, so the waste aluminum also comes from various industries, mainly from the automotive industry, rail transit, cans, construction aluminum profiles, wires, household appliances, etc. the aluminum extracted from these waste aluminum is also recycled aluminum. Through different refining technologies, high-quality aluminum profile products can be produced and applied to these fields again. Moscow Research Institute uses advanced technology and various experimental devices to prepare useful hydrogen from waste aluminum, which is used in vehicle power supply system and fixed small-scale power devices. This is a major technical breakthrough.

This major invention is to use waste aluminum as the main reactant, and then turn waste aluminum into aluminum water and hydrogen through technical equipment. This is a very complex treatment process, which needs to test and analyze the raw materials to see whether they meet the requirements; to set up the corresponding waste aluminum crushing treatment scheme; to select reasonable process parameters in the oxidation process; and finally, to prepare the solid The metal reactants should be stored and transported reasonably to prevent other chemical changes from changing their properties.

Hydrogen ranks first in the periodic table of chemical elements and is widely distributed in nature. Hydrogen is a very light and extremely flammable gas. It can be used in fuel applications such as natural gas, nuclear energy and solar energy. Due to its flammability, special experimental devices should be prepared in the process of hydrogen production from waste aluminum to prevent explosion due to static electricity.

First of all, it is necessary to develop the oxidant needed for hydrogen from waste aluminum, and then design the experimental device. Because aluminum is a very active metal, oxide film is easily formed on the surface, which prevents the oxidant from contacting with the waste aluminum, which makes the chemical reaction impossible. Therefore, the researchers add a mechanical activation link to the technology, and carry out the waste aluminum crushing scheme in advance The oxidation film on the surface of waste aluminum is difficult to be formed by crushing and other chemical treatment methods, so as to facilitate the reaction.

Aluminum is easily oxidized in the air. If the waste aluminum is not treated, it will be naturally corroded and pollute the ecological environment. A lot of waste aluminum is wasted every year. If the waste aluminum can be reasonably refined and reused, it is not only conducive to environmental protection, but also can be recycled to produce more aluminum profile products. Aluminum and water are used in hydrogen production from waste aluminum Hydrogen generated by chemical reaction can be used to produce fuel for battery power generation, which will save a lot of raw material costs for the new energy vehicle market, because hydrogen powered vehicles are included in new energy vehicles, and other industries will also benefit in varying degrees. The birth of this scientific research achievement will further benefit mankind.

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