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This paper reviews the impact of anti-dumping investigation on China's aluminum profile products in 2018
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In the past year alone, China's aluminum industry has experienced 10 anti-dumping investigations from individual countries, mainly involving aluminum products such as aluminum alloy wheel hub, aluminum plate, aluminum foil, aluminum rod, angle aluminum profile, partition plate and other special aluminum products, as well as radiator aluminum profiles, aluminum cables, aluminum pressure cooker, aluminum profiles, etc;

Although China has experienced more than ten anti-dumping investigations and sanctions in some countries last year, according to the data report released by the General Administration of customs, China's aluminum products export volume reached 5.8 million tons in 2018, an increase of 21% compared with that in 2017, setting a new record for domestic aluminum exports. The factors leading to the sustained growth of China's aluminum exports mainly include the following Point;

1. Rich mineral resources:

China is rich in mineral resources, which can ensure the supply and demand of aluminum raw materials, the mass production capacity of aluminum profile products, and the supply of foreign countries' trade at the same time;

2. Production capacity:

China has a strong production capacity, which can ensure the strong capacity growth and expenditure of aluminum products and meet the demand and supply of international aluminum products;

3. Cost control:

Strong production capacity, rich mineral resources and excellent production process equipment can greatly reduce the production cost and ensure the competitiveness of China's aluminum products in the international market;

4. Influenced by strong national strength and Diplomacy:

The strong comprehensive national strength ensures that China maintains good diplomatic exchanges with many countries in the world, and ensures that China maintains good economic and trade exchanges with many other countries in the world. Under the severe international situation, one of the important factors supporting the sustained growth of China's aluminum export volume;

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